Solar generated electricity is a good choice of renewable energy for your business or organisation.

Electricity bills account for a large proportion of business and public sector costs - by using solar energy it will save you money and help your cash flow.

Solar electricity that is generated by businesses and public sector organisations is included in the Government FIT scheme. The benefits of a solar PV system for commercial premises and public sector organisations are possible Tax savings, carbon footprint reduction and B.R.E.E.A.M. compliance.

Solar PV panels are one of the fastest growing applications of renewable energy technology.

How you can financially benefit from a solar?

There are several financial benefits,
such as:

• You can earn *1000's a year from generating your own electricity and exporting any surplus energy produced to your electricity provider, through the FIT Tariff scheme.
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• Save money on your electricity bills!
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• Guaranteed Income for 20 years!
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*Depending on size of system installed and the amount of electricity exported.