There is both financial and environmental benefits of using energy generated via solar PV technology! On this page we have highlighted how a solar PV system can save and earn you money from the first day it's installed.

"Solar PV panels collect light rather than heat so you can still generate electricity on cloudy days!"

The current standard way for households to purchase their electricity is through an energy company which exposes them to possible rising electricity prices.

By installing a Solar PV system you can still buy electricity from an energy provider, also you have the added option of being able to generate your own electricity and use it whilst being paid for generating the power and even sell any surplus your system generates to your energy provider through the feed in tariff.

For businesses wanting to install solar PV systems there are possible Tax, carbon footprint and B.R.E.E.A.M. benefits.

So there is no better time to invest in both your own and the environments future.

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