UK Government Legislation for
Feed-in Tariffs

Initially starting in April 2010, the UK Government legislated a Feed in Tariff (FIT) scheme, where newly installed Solar PV systems qualified for cash-back payments from energy companies (this initially ran until March 2012 paying up to 15.4p/kWh.Since this period, the Government announced severalreductions in the Tariff (FIT) to its current rate of 12.4p/kWh.


What it means to you as an owner of a Solar PV system

The "FIT" scheme obliges energy companies to pay you, the energy generator, for all the energy produced by your solar system, whether it is consumed at your property or exported back into the national grid. This means that the energy companies currently pay more per unit of electricity you generate, than they charge per unit of electricity you use (including all the units you use to power your own home and the surplus units you export to the grid) - until the 31st December 2015.



to Benefit from Current Tariff Rates - they are being 'SLASHED' further!
From the 1st January 2016 the UK government is slashing the amount of money paid to people for generating solar energy. Avoid missing out on current tariffs that are guaranteed for the next 20 years - when you buy a Solar System NOW!


Solar PV for Business

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