Create a Greener Future

In the UK, homes account for about 27% of our carbon emissions, a major cause of climate change. Many people want to decrease their carbon footprint on the planet by contributing to a more energy efficiency economy.

A major ethical benefits of using solar energy is you'll be reducing your carbon footprint by approximately 480kg of carbon for every 1000 kilo Watt-hours of energy your system produces!

In the UK up to 850 kilo Watt-hours of power can be generated annually from every kW installed.

OR - that's a reduction of a half tonne of carbon per year, per household.

Now really is the time to take a serious look at renewable energy systems, for the sake of the planet and your pocket. The financial and environmental benefits of using energy generated via solar PV technology gives you the opportunity to make difference, not only now, but for generations to come.

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